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Örebro Hockey (ÖHK) was founded in 1990 and has since then grown to become the No. 1 hockey team in Örebro.

Örebro advanced in 2013 to the highest league in Sweden, the Swedish Hockey League (SHL).
It's the first time since 1979 a club represents Örebro in the highest league.

We play our home games in Behrn Arena, which seats 5 500 spectators. The arena opened in 1965 and was renovated in 2011.

Club Adress
Örebro Hockey
Orvar Bergmarks Plats 5
702 23 Örebro, Sweden

Phone: +46 19 13 00 30
Fax: +46 19 13 00 31
E-mail: [email protected]

You might have heard about the famous after game celebrations by our goalie Julius Hudacek? Click here to se some of his shows